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Professional Services
Net-Dot offers an enhanced level of support for your network. Net-Dot's Network Support is designed to keep your network at the highest level of availability by ensuring that your network is monitored and repaired in a timely and comprehensive manner. From initial problem notification through complete restore, Net-Dot takes an active role in ensuring the high availability of your network.

Highlights of Net-Dot offering are as follows:

  • Net-Dot Customer Service Center first call - All calls placed to, monitored by and escalated by Net-Dot.

  • Net-Dot complete restore - Reload/configure system components with customer supplied back-up as required to ensure complete functionality.

  • Net-Dot continuous effort - Service extends beyond hours of coverage window when necessary.

  • Net-Dot "no fault" troubleshooting - Perform fault isolation and anomaly identification for problems caused by carriers, environment, or other manufacturers equipment (does not include problems caused by customer).

  • Net-Dot end-to-end problem management - Net-Dot will provide maintenance management services and, if requested by customer, will act as the customer's agent in attempting to resolve issues with other vendors/suppliers.

  • Net-Dot remote diagnosis and remote repair capability - Net-Dot leverages remote tools to ensure service is delivered quickly and efficiently.

  • Loaner Equipment Availability - Net-Dot will supply loaner equipment on a best effort basis in emergency situations for non-core network equipment.
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